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Sally WykeResearch Interests: Sally is a social scientist who applies social scientific theory and methods to complex interventions to improve health and well-being.  She also has expertise in developing pragmatic approaches to robust evaluation of complex interventions using comparative designs and mixed methods and applies her skills to support health in community and primary care settings.   Sally is Deputy Director of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing.

Role on Project: Project lead (joint with Kate Hunt).



Kate Hunt photo 2014-1Research Interests: Kate is Professor of Gender and Health at Glasgow University. Until 2014 she led the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit’s Gender and Health programme, reflecting her longstanding interest in how social constructions of gender shape and influence health outcomes for men and women. She now leads SPHSU’s programme on Understanding and Improving Health within Settings and Organisations, which aims to understand settings and organisations as contexts for: influencing social position and identity, behaviour, health and well-being; and facilitating health improvement through development, piloting and evaluation of new interventions and/or adaptations of existing interventions to novel settings.

Role on Project: Project lead (joint with Sally Wyke).



cindy-grayResearch Interests: Cindy’s research interests include using sociological and psychological theory to develop understandings of how to engage high risk groups in sustained health behaviour change. She is also interested in the development and evaluation of mobile technologies (e.g. smart phone apps) for promoting healthy lifestyles.

Role on Project: Co-Principal Investigator on the CSO grant and led the development of the FFIT programme. She was a grant holder on the NIHR PHR study, and was project manager until December 2012.


CV Risk Meeting held at The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street London on Tues 29th Jan 08

Research Interests: Dr Brady is one of the country’s leading cardiologists. His research interests include the clinical aspects and epidemiology of coronary heart disease, hypertension and pulmonary embolism. He was a principal author of the 2007 Scottish National Guideline for Coronary Heart Disease, the 2008 European Society of Cardiology Guideline on Pulmonary Embolism, and the 2010 SIGN Guideline for Venous Thromboembolism.  Dr Brady is the current President of the British Hypertension Society.  He conceived, developed and led the acclaimed Football Health Scotland study of dietary and lifestyle therapy in middle-aged men. Dr Brady is the clinical lead for this now Scotland-wide project, linking football and health across the nation.

Role on Project: Grant holder on the NIHR PHR study.



Nicki BoyerResearch Interests: Nicki works primarily on projects concerning the economic evaluation of population health interventions. Her research interests include health promotion, particularly in early childhood, and economic evaluation of preventative care interventions.

Role on Project: Health economist working on the economic analysis for the NIHR PHR study.



Research Interests
:  Chris is a social scientist with a special interest in health and well-being. His substantive areas of work include physical activity, diabetes, men’s health, obesity, football-based health improvement programmes, urban agriculture, third sector collaborations, and group dynamics.

Role on Project: Project manager and qualitative analyst on the NIHR PHR study since January 2013.



Craig Donnachie Bio Pic 2Research Interests: Craig’s main research interests are psychological understandings of motivation and behaviour change (in particular physical activity and weight management), sociological understandings of masculinities and health, objective physical activity measurement, development and evaluation of gender-sensitised weight loss/physical activity interventions.

Role on Project: Undertook PhD investigating how FFIT participants respond to receiving objective feedback on their physical activity and other indicators of health risk.



Liz 2Research Interests: Elisabeth’s main areas of expertise are economic modelling and simulation for health technology assessment. Her main methodological interests are the use of early economic modelling based on available data to allow quantitative assessment of the expected cost-effectiveness of products in early phase development, in the assessment and incorporation of uncertainty and in Bayesian decision theory and value of information analysis. Since the end of the project, Elisabeth has become Principal in Health Economics at ICON plc. She has worked in the field of economic evaluation and health technology assessment for over 18 years.

Role on Project: Health economist; she was a grant holder on the NIHR PHR study.



EG1Research Interests: Eleanor’s research interests include economic evaluation of public health and complex interventions, both trial-based and using decision analytic modelling; with a particular research interest in low- and middle-income countries.

Role on Project: Health economist working on the cost effectiveness analysis for the NIHR PHR study.



avatar-1299805_1280Research Interests: Jim is a registered nurse and men’s health advocate.

Role on Project: Jim was a grant holder on both the CSO and NIHR PHR studies.



Alice MacleanResearch Interests: Alice’s research interests centre around investigating the ways in which health improvement programmes delivered through organisations can reach wider populations through the diffusion of health behaviour change. In particular, she is interested in exploring how health behaviour change takes place within families, and specifically how one family member’s attempts to make changes are affected by and affect other family members.

Role on Project: Fieldwork team leader and a member of the qualitative data collection and analysis team.